2022 Art, Yoga & Writing Retreats in Bali


In 2022 we celebrate a decade of Creative Living Art and Yoga Retreats in East Bali


I’m very excited to share these new retreats with you.


Offer yourself this time to lean into your longing and treat yourself to a week where you can unleash your creative potential, move into yoga each day, rest deeply and bask in Bali's abundance. A week where everything is taken care of – and all you have to do is bring your intention.

Imagine a week brimming with creativity fuelled by inspirational teachers sharing techniques in painting, writing and yoga. Dedicated professionals, each gifted, effective and generous, whose joy it is to see you flourish!

 Meet our inspirational teaching team 

RETREAT DATES and TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS  Should travel from Australia be unavailable until July 2022, we will alter our retreat dates to run through July and August, so please just stay in touch with Anna if you would like a personal update on this.

Creative Living Retreats arose from my career as an art gallery director; someone who, as a frustrated artist, a person longing to find a voice with which to write, and who aspired to make yoga a daily practise, craved an opportunity to get away from everything and just ached to make stuff with people whom I admired.


These retreats are something I really care about.


My vision to bring the practise of daily yoga - which I love and abide by – into the creative space has become the hallmark of our retreats, which are held by the seaside at Villa Nilaya.

Our morning meditations calm and focus our minds for the joyful day ahead and our serene, sea-facing yoga shala is a blissful refuge at the end of a paint-filled day. In 2022 we welcome back ANGELINA LA MIETTE whose love of dance and poetry inspires her teaching of yoga to both novices and yogis alike.

Illustrator and painter, CATE EDWARDS has joined me in Bali since the beginning in 2012. I lovingly call her an ‘art doula’ - her infectious enthusiasm and keen, professional eye has helped birth dozens of paintings from people who didn’t know they could make art. She brings  a new acrylic-on-canvas retreat to us in 2022.


If you love textiles and pattern and texture and pigment and can’t decide which you want to work with most, then Botanical Bounty with JENNI DOHERTY is for you. One of Western Australia’s most sought-after artists, Jenni offers a new richly-imagined Work-on-Paper workshop and a retreat.


Portraiture is a big ask, but NADINE BASTOW's large canvas approach is wildly creative and much-loved -- this will be her 5th Portrait of Bali Retreat! A consummate educator with a passion for teaching, our returning participants trust Nadine to get them to the end of this challenging week with humour and the odd gin and tonic.


And writing…at last!  A retreat for writers at Villa Nilaya. I’m thrilled that SHELLEY KENIGSBERG, renowned for her ‘Writing in Paradise’ workshops since 2012, has chosen to bring her time-honed techniques to share with just 10 participants. Here, amongst the secluded beauty of this little patch of paradise, the richness of this week shall unfold day by day, with hard work alloyed with laughter, lightness, rest, good food – and a little more work.  


If you’ve ever thought of doing something like this, then choose to do it now.

After all - if not now, then when ?


Lean into your longing


Experience the peacefulness of not having to ‘be’ anything to ‘anyone’ this week, and open yourself to being cared for.


You’ll enjoy the service and surroundings of your choice of accommodation,  make new friends, make new stuff, and perhaps you’ll also find some new or renewed practices to take home into your daily life for the wellbeing of yourself and others.


We all warmly invite you to join us in Bali in 2022.


If you can't wait til 2022, don't forget that British artist and designer Este Macleod will be presenting a painting and design retreat in Sri Lanka with me,  29 November - 6 December 2021.


Here's the latest update on our Serendipity In Sri Lanka Retreat 

You can check travel advice in regards to Covid travel restrictions for Bali, Sri Lanka and Morocco  HERE