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... And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than

the risk it took to blossom 

Anais Nin

Creative Living Art and Yoga Retreats in Beautiful Bali 
For the hundreds of creative people (and those who didn't think they were creative), who helped to make Creative Living Retreats grow from our one-retreat-a year start in 2011, here is a reason to return to Bali and reignite your creativity.

GET PRIORITY NOTICE about our next Bali Art + Yoga  Retreats  HERE


Imagine a week brimming with creativity, fuelled by inspirational teachers

sharing their unique techniques in painting and yoga

Dedicated professionals, each gifted, effective and generous, whose joy it is to see you flourish!

If you’ve ever thought of doing something like this, then choose to do it now

After all - if not now, then when ?

A week where everything is taken care of – and all you have to do is bring your intention


Offer yourself this time to lean into your longing and treat yourself to a week where you can unleash your creative potential, move into yoga each day, rest deeply and bask in Bali's abundance. A week where everything is taken care of.

Creative Living Retreats arose from my career as an art gallery director; someone who, as a frustrated artist, just ached to make stuff with people whom I admired (more about ANNA)

My vision to bring the practice of daily yoga - which I love and abide by – into the creative space has become the hallmark of our retreats, which are held by the seaside at Villa Nilaya

Our morning meditations calm and focus our minds for the joyful day ahead and our serene, sea-facing yoga space is a blissful refuge at the end of a paint-filled day.


In 2024  our daily yoga offering is suitable for novices and yogis alike, and we will have a special 'chair yoga' selection so that no one need miss out.

Our mornings start with a mediation session which underpins our creative endeavours, and later on you'll be entranced with the deep relaxation of guided yoga nidras at the end of busy creative days, with alternative afternoons of a good solid yoga session to stretch and reset. 

This year we have some heavenly new experiences for you in them meditation department!

Lean into your longing

Experience the peacefulness of not having to ‘be’ anything to ‘anyone’ this week

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