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Florabunda Art +Yoga Retreat 2022 was an 'intensive' art course of 7 days ... with art + yoga only.

In 2023 we presented Florabunda Plus combining the trips, tours and cultural activities of the Bali Botanica 2022 Retreat with all of the detailed art tuition of this Florabunda Retreat ... the best of both worlds in a more expansive 9-day / 8-night retreat at that includes a rest day! 

In 2024 Este Presents a NEW  RETREAT - Baliesque Paint+Print >>


It all happens at Villa Nilaya Bali by the sea in beautiful East Bali, and Anna can assist you to discover many specialised activities, explorations and adventures that you can 'add-on' if you choose to arrive early or linger longer.

If you'd like further details please don't hesitate to contact Anna 

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