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 Noel Bensted (UK)
& Anna Kwiecinska

Noel Benstead painting in Morocco.jpg
Dates to be announced
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8 days/7 nights

Day 1- arrival day - meet at Piraeus Port and travel together to Hydra. Welcome dinner

Day 8 - departure day - no program

  • 6 Full Days of Art Program + free time

  • 1 Full day tour to Epidavros and Mycenae



For many artists, for hundreds of years, a stay on Hydra, the enchanting, some say magical, Aegean island, was a significant part of how their art was created. For that reason … the richness of the artistic legacy… and for the chance that such exceptional surroundings will be your muse, too, we invite you to join us in the Saronic Gulf in northern Autumn, 2025


On Hydra, writers, painters, songsters, musicians and dreamers of all types, found a place that inspired them. From its shores, looking out to the Aegean or inward to their artistic dreams,  poetry, novels, avant-garde texts, masterpieces in paint and word, emerged. Be there, with us, and find your own threads of inspiration.

The Background

Anna lived on Hydra for two wonderful years, and during some of that time worked as an arts instructor, and returns regularly to indulge the pleasure of slow travel and meet old friends have barely left The Rock, as we call it, in all that time.

Anna met Noel Benstead, who has lived in Fes for many years - see his CV here - when she moved to Morocco in 2017, and first saw his art exhibited at the ALIF Riad in Fes Medina. 


October  on Hydra : It's the end of summer, the locals are relaxed, you've arrived onto one of Greece's most picturesque islands - one with no vehicular traffic, only donkeys, water taxis and meandering footpaths - and you have ahead of you a week of making art with Noel Benstead.

With the water still deliciously comfortable for swimming, cool evenings exploring the many charming seaside tavernas, and quay-side accommodation overlooking the famous port of Hydra, so GET ON THE LIST NOW FOR PRIORITY NOTICE!    HERE

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