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Sea to Sahara - Grand Tour 2018

Updated: May 7

1800 kilometres and 18 days later, I'm delighted to say that my first 'Sea to Sahara' Grand Tour of Morocco has arrived home safely!... and now 2019 is ready to book.

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With 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites (we visit 8 of them), Morocco is a small and fascinating kingdom whose diminutive size belies its enormous history.

Most tours of Morocco break it up into short tours along a theme or region - because despite its size, the extraordinary geography takes time to negotiate - 3 mountain ranges run across its width (the Rif, the Middle and High Atlas ) and between are deep valleys and plains - before reaching the Ante Atlas leading into the Sahara. But I figure it's a long way from home, and once here, it seems to make sense to see it all … hence my pleasure in once again presenting Sea to Sahara 2019 - tweaked and finessed after the recent journey, to optimise your experience and enjoyment next year.

Travelling as a small group (max. 12) allows us swiftness and I love to check in with the group to see how we can make each day work best -stops for coffee in interesting places, spontaneous moments to stop for photos - and as much flexibility as possible once we reach cities, so that those who prefer to wander solo have that space.

After 5 months of living here this year, and time spent studying Arabic in Fes last year, I'm feeling increasingly 'at home' in Morocco and my desire is to share that with those who love to travel with a bit of serendipity and just enough structure to make sure we are safe and comfortable is stronger than ever, so I hope you'll think about joining me.

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