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You're invited to share your captions to my weekly Sunday Share Report and I'll share my favourite caption here with your name (if you like) next Sunday when I post the new image

Yay! Sometimes there are prizes (like this week) ... and all the usual parameters of good behaviour apply, if you know what I mean.

Just click on the image to enlarge it and to record your caption. No one else will see them, and I'll let you know if yours is my pic of this week.

BACKGROUND TO THIS WEEK'S IMAGE:  my neighbour here on the Negombo lagoon in Sri Lanka is a lurky murky land monitor at least 6 foot long, who crawls out of the mangroves at the end of my garden around 10 am each day, waddles across the grass and then drops into the water. Fierce fighters over territory and food, they're harmless to humans, and if he senses me close by he'll outwait me, still as a log, which he, in any case, resembles. 


I've tried to extend my mental friendship circle to Claude, but no luck yet. He terrifies me.

Another neighbour has, however, found inspration in our reptile, and her wonderful handmade versions are our Share Report image this week.

They're made here from hand-loomed cotton, stand 17 cm. tall, no two are the same and they're adorable - sorry Claude.

This week, the writer of my favourite caption will receive one of our loveable lurkies with love from Lanka ... please get your caption in by midnight on Saturday GMT+5. The winner will be notfied on Sunday morning next weekand your caption will be published on the image.

Have fun !


















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