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Hand-Made Tours

If you love a-bit-off-the-beaten-track experiences with more than a dash of style, then Spice Voyages might suit the luxury vagabond in you


A Spice Voyage takes you beyond the ordinary, where your interests and my experience converge to create truly unique journeys hallmarked by authenticity, adventure and accommodation which thoughtfully reflects the location - did I mention amazing locations ?


EVERYTHING is personally researched by me. I won't recommend it if I haven't done it, stayed, eaten or even shopped  there.

I'm thrilled to present two NEW Morocco tours for 2020 !

My Travel Background

I’ve spent 38 years travelling, including starting a design  business using old wooden block prints in Jaipur, India, and started to design my own tours there in 2012. Since then, I’ve designed and accompanied tours in India and Ethiopia. In the same year, I set up ‘Creative Living Retreats’ for annual painting and yoga holidays in Bali. I run these personally each winter at  Villa  Nilaya, a little patch of sea-side paradise I created 10 years ago. I now live between Bali, Morocco, Perth and India.

I delight in designing my year ahead  to discover even more amazing locations, experiences and people to share with you, as well as savouring the deep pleasure in returning to much-loved places and friends made there.

I’m an art historian by profession and a passionate collector of textiles and tribal artifacts. Religion and culture fascinate me as much as food, and my insatiable appetite for the unusual demands frequent feeding!


The rich cultures of the Salt, Spice and Silk Route countries have drawn traders and travellers for two millennia along the coasts of North Africa and India. These routes were collected together by ancient Roman geographers into compendia, the most famous of which is the Periplus of the Erythrean  Sea.

 I have only to look at this map to feel twitchy!

​Bespoke journeys in India and Morocco promise unbelievably stunning heritage hotel experiences. Add private transport, special dining events, luxury accommodation  and unique experiences you have a wonderful  start to celebrating a special occasion or spoiling yourself with something you've been thinking of for ages...

What Can You Expect on a Spice Voyage?


We take our time. It's not usual to spend 3 nights in a place so that you can really explore and  get the feel of it without becoming tired and scratchy.


Fabulous accommodation personally researched - sometimes that might mean 'the best there is ' in a remote location. But we'll always make up for a bit of roughing it with something pinch-me perfect  later on.

Spice Voyages are designed around seasonal activities such as cultural festivals and arts events and I spend a lot of my time researching unique activities so that you don't have to.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with local people from many walks of life, particularly artists, crafts people and cooks. Whether it's cooking with locals, street food walks, making a leather-bound journal with an artisan in Fes, belly dancing in Marrakech or playing elephant polo in Jaipur, I love making special events happen for you.

A small group provides a great balance between camaraderie and maintaining your sense of individual discovery and it’s a fantastic way to travel if you’re a single traveller. I often organise personal experiences simply not possible when travelling in large groups, or too quickly.

The key is flexibility and that’s only achievable with a group of no more than 12 (and usually means a window seat for everyone on luxury coaches), but I'll design a tour for any size group if you have a special request.


Your comfort and safety is my prime concern. You are really well supported throughout your tour. In addition to your tour leader, there will be a full-time national escort, plus local experts, and additional ground staff at airports and train stations to ensure that our travel proceeds smoothly.


I'd love to talk about your own travel ideas to these destinations; the possibilities are bounded only by your own sense of adventure.

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