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Tours and travels with Anna
Spice Voyager




A Spice Voyage takes you beyond the ordinary, where your interests and my experience converge to create unique journeys hallmarked by authenticity, adventure and accommodation which thoughtfully reflects the location -

did I mention amazing locations ?

My next tour in Morocco is planned for  April and May 2024 are NEW tours, making it more leisurely with more 'time out' for you.

In April 2024 the Fes Fantasy Art Retreat with UK Artist and designer Este Macleod at the conclusion of my Marvellous in Morocco (north Morocco) will soon be open for Priority Booking


With only 12 travellers in our groups, places are limited. Receive early bird news: subscribe to my newsletter

If you enjoy (slightly) off the beaten track travel with more than a dash of luxe, then a Spice Voyage might appeal to the luxury vagabond in you. 

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