About Anna

I am a traveller. A collector, a bowerbird of the exquisite, ephemera and experiences

 " If not now, then when ? "


Has this ever been more true? If you yearn to trek with camels in the Sahara, escape to a painting workshop or a writing retreat in in Bali, discover you inner author or just chat with someone who loves feeling at home where ever she, I hope you'll get in touch with me! 

Here you'll find travel stories, creative writing, and all the details about my Small Group Tours to places I have painstakingly researched, so that you don't have to.


​​There's an old Arabic proverb "Much travel is needed before the raw man is ripened". ... it has such a visceral appeal - ripening … I can almost taste the gooey sweetness of sun-browned dates awaited with eagerness each October across the Sahara.

Inherent in its metaphor is that life is a journey; one which, like good fruit, can not be rushed into becoming its fullest self. It is the sense that the journey is worth taking, that the ripening is to be anticipated and ultimately savoured.

Travellers will understand this. ​I am a traveller. A collector, a bowerbird of the exquisite, ephemera and experiences.


So what do I do now?

After 20 years of owning an art gallery, I desperately wanted to be on the road again, and so for the last 5 years it seems like I've been working longer and harder than ever!

Almost non-stop travelling, researching locations for possible art retreats, small-group tours and other adventures to share, interspersed each winter with presenting my Creative Living Retreats in Bali, where I bring artists, yogis and creative people together for week-long retreats of painting and textile design by the sea.


You can find a pictorial chronicle of my journeys on my facebook page  and in the travel news and stories which I share on my travel blog.


​Keep in touch, won't you ?

"Much travel is needed before the raw man is ripened."


old Arabic proverb

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