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  • Check-in time is 2 pm  /  Check-out time is 12 pm

A late checkout may be possible if there are no follow-on guests, so please check with us.

  • What is your village like ?

Our village of mendira is a small, very quiet place which for the last 2 years has been runner-up in the Bali Clean Green Competition

to keep villages clean, tidy and environmentally friendly. You'll rarely find any litter in the village, and you will find rubbish bins which are regularly collected.

The village is friendly but people here respect your privacy. They are not trying to sell you things; they have their work as fisherfolk,

taxi drivers and rice farmers and some professionals. They will leave you to enjoy your holiday in peace!

Within minutes of the villa you will find yourself amongst green padi (rice) fields, spectacular mountain ridges, turquoise waters,

temples, quality restaurants and many possibilities to see authentic Balinese life.

  • How do I reach Villa Nilaya?   ​​

If you are new to Bali, arriving at the airport or arriving from another location on the island, the best way to get to us is to ask us to oganise a taxi for you. Our local taxi cooperative has controlled and published prices, they will not take you an unnecessarily long way around, or get lost, and the drivers are all known to us. You can also pay when you finally check out of the villa, so you don't need too

be negotiating prices or wondering if you ar being over-charged. The driver will meet you at the Arrivals exit of the airport bearing a

sign with your name, or come to collect you at your hotel. 

The villa is 90 minutes drive, peak times, from the Airport. Our drivers will meet you with cool bottled  water and a refeshing towel.

When you book with us, please provide full flight details or hotel details and a whats app number. We need 48 hrs notice please if possible.

If you are arriving on your own this is the signboard to look out for as you approach Mendira.













Mendira Beach turnoff .JPG

Cost of taxi collection? 


Rp 450,000 if you order through the villa. 




We’re located in the Village of Mendira, Regency of Karangasem, just at the beginning of the East Bali region, if you’re approaching from the west - the airport direction.  We’re between Candi Dasa and the port of Padang Bai, located on a  wide bay where the entire area is a marine reserve. To the south you’ll see the islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, easily reached by local boat, and on the eastern horizon, the island of Lombok.


East Bali still offers authentic culture and living traditions. Many visitors tell me that what they find here today what has been lost in the heavily touristic parts of Bali since the 1970s.


You’ll find many opportunities for boating, snorkeling, diving, trekking, exciting white water rafting, exploring little-visited temples, royal gardens and water palaces, cultural and culinary exploration, as well as textile discoveries for those interested in the arts.


You can hire a driver and set off to discover on your own – we can help you arrange a taxi – or you can go with our favourite driver on a curated tour and get the most out of your day.  We have several brochures – read more and please request as required.


How long before an excursion from the villa would we need to request a car and driver?

You can request our staff to order a driver for you about an hour before your excursion. Our village’s taxi co-operative operates on a scrupulously fair rotation system, and specific drivers are not able to be requested, EXCEPT that we can request the SAME driver who brought you to the villa from the airport. So if you liked that driver, you can tell our staff to try and request – but for this to work you should request the driver at least 48 hrs in advance. However, all of the village co-op drivers are well -presented, wear a uniform and abide by standards which are not required by independednt owner- drivers from other areas.


Is there a price point for getting to and from various points of interest?

Yes, our village of Mendira operates a taxi co-operative, and prices are fixed. 

We keep an official price list at the villa for you to consult. You can pay for all of your transport at the end of your stay at the villa if you organise it through the villa. The prices are the same as if you pay as you use. Tipping the driver is up to you and has nothing to do with the villa, so if you wish to tip the driver, please do so at the end of your journey or at the end of your stay and tip the driver directly.


What is the price to hire a car and driver for the day?

 It is currently Rp 900,000.000 per day (8 hrs ) for a 4-6 seater vehicle (SUV type ) from our local taxi co-op.

This may not be the same for other taxi companies and we can not guarantee anything but the services and standards of our village taxi co-op.


ABOUT THE VILLA        Take a video tour


VILLA BEDROOMS        How are the bedrooms organised at the villa ?    


 There are 3 bedrooms, each with own semi-open-to the garden bathroom. The two upstairs bedrooms are

ceiling fan-cooled, with lockable louvred doors (and sliding glass doors) to maximise ventilation. These

bedrooms have open ceilings, meaning that they are really well ventilated and open to the soaring thatched


One has a king size bed, the other has two king singles which can be a King size bed if requested. In addition, we have a Chinese canopied day bed which sleeps one, a hanging suspension bed which can sleep one and a sofa which can also accommodate another person, so the villa can accommodate up to 6 people in bedrooms and there is extra sleeping space for 3 people.


The downstairs bedroom has a king size bed and has a closed ceiling, a ceiling fan and  louvred doors. It

also has sliding glass doors and an air conditioner. It is really beautiful to sleep with the glass doors open and allow the sound of the sea into your room at night …. We do not have a problem with mosquites, but all beds have mosquito nets which the staff prepare each evening. We regularly fog the property.

All rooms have soft light table lamps, as well as LED reading lamps installed on the bed for private reading.


Can we get a meal at the villa when we arrive?

YES, we can organise a meal for you on arrival up to 10 pm. But you must let us know 48 hours in advance. If you arrive later than this we can arrange to prepare some cut fruit and it will be served to you on arrival.


Is there a chef at the villa?

YES, Ketut is our chef, trained by our executive Chef Pak Dewa Ardika, and her assistant Ngah has also spent a long time working in Candi Dasa restaurants, so you will be well looked after. It is worth noting that never in 9 years of receiving guests has there been even one case of ‘Bali belly’ from food prepeared at the villa. We caution you to be very careful of where you choose te eat and strongly small discourage seaside cafes ((for example, on the White Sand Beach). We can always prepare a picnic for you if you go to the beach for the day.


Does the chef cost extra?

Generally speaking, no Ketut (female) is a full -time employee at the Villa. You only pay for meals that you order from our extensive menu, which is avaiable, in advance, on request. 

However, for unusual circumstanc -es such as during COVID, and the villa is operating wih staff at half time, there may be an extra charge for food preparation.  .


Self-catering is possible – again, please just check in with us about this first


What about if we have special dietray requirements?

YES, Please advise us of any dietary requirements. These WILL be passed onto the manager  but you must tell the staff of your food alleries when you arrive, even if you have advised Anna at the time of booking, because the staff can forget!

Do we have to order drinks from the menu - or can we simply grab drinks from the fridge?

There is a bar fridge in the villa  with soft drinks and beers, but we have fruit juices/tea/Bali coffee/ and a wide selection of wines all available to order at very reasonable prices. You can also order wines ahead of your stay so that they are waiting for you. A wine list is availalble.


When are the staff present in the villa?

Our staff clean in the morning (bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas sweeping and pool cleaning), prepare your

breakfast and take your lunch/spa orders. They then confine themselves to the kitchen if you have ordered food. They exit as soon as possible. If you don't want them there at all, please just let them know. No offence is taken.


In the later afternoon the garden must be watered, and there is a bed turn-down service at sunset.

Afternoon tea is served about 3-3.30 pm, if you wish, or you can cancel if you don’t wish to be disturbed.

There is 24/7 security outside the villa and there is always a staff person present for your requirements.

At all times your privacy is respected, and if you don’t want the staff there at all, again, just let us know.

If you do not wish to be disturbed at all you can lock the front gate. When the gate is locked, staff cannot access the villa, so this means that if you lock the gate at night, no one can come to prepare your breakfast until you unlock the gate in the morning, clean pool etc.

You will be supplied with a mobile phone with which you can speed dial the staff.



WAYAN maintains the security from 7 pm to 7 am and speaks good English. During the daytime the villa is staffed according to a staff roster.




Balinese food is delicious. Zesty, complex, clean flavours, not necessatily very spicy, lots of seafood, perfect for vegetarians, and if you are a lover of pork, the Balinese  specialise in its preparation  as it is  ceremonial fare. Nasi goreng, rice wok tossed with veregtables and spices, is the national dish, but it is most delicious in Bali as  the secret ingredient is Bali Bumbu (a unique island blend of spices that makes all the difference!)


The one signature flavour of Bali ?

Satay sauce with Bali Bumbu,  a fragrant, thick, rich dipping sauce made with with ground peanuts (or cashews if you are allergic to peanuts), lemon grass, galangal, shallot, spices, zesty Bali limes and a little chilli, and other ingredients combine to make the most mouth-watering accompaniment to grilled meat, fish or chicken, and is the indispensible ingredient on cap cay  (pronounced  ‘chap chay’), a vegetarian option with steamed sprouts, vegetables, and tofu.


Our chef Ketut has been with us since Day 1. I’d be lost without her!

She makes the most delicious satay sauce – for me it’s a food group in its own right, and if you wish, you can even take a cooking lesson to learn the secrets to making it yourself at home (we’ll give you all of  our recipes), and prepare an entire Balinese  multi-course meal with our executive chef Pak Dewa Ardika.



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