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Retreat Accommodation for your
Art Retreat in Fes, Morocco in 2024

It may be much easier to stay in a hotel where every room is the same, but then it wouldn't be a 

Spice Voyages Tour! For this retreat, and throughout the Morocco tours, heritage hotels have been chosen with care to share with you the joy of the location, the artisan craftsmanship of the city, and the sheer beauty of this incredibly exotic country.

Choose from 2 stunningly-restored riads when you join us in Fes

Anna has specifically chosen these accommodation options to offer:

  • exceptional views from the terraces

  • excellent value, wonderful hospitality and cuisine

  • close to a main gate (Bab el Guissa) - there are 9 gates piercing the walls of Fes, and being close by makes reaching our transport easier, as all luggage must be transported into the medina by caroussa - a hand-drawn cart.

  • Our hotels are just a few minutes' walk from one of the two main arterial roads that run through the centre of the medina, so it's easy to reach the 'shopping areas', restaurants and major historical sites, and probably what will be your main reference point , 'the blue gate'.

  • They are exquisitely restored - both by French owners with incredible taste and eye for detail.

  • They are quite close together - about an 8 minute walk apart

  • Both offer excellent breakfasts as part of your package.

  • The plumbing works, there's abundant hot water, lovely linens, nice lighting ... lots of thoughtful features to make your stay effortless and delightful

  • Riad Batchisarai exudes tranquil, restrained classicism

  • Riad Inaya is playful, surprising, always tasteful and very inspiring for artists

The retreat hub will be shared between both venues.

Este and Anna will each stay at one of the other and then half way through we will swap around!

Riad Batchisarai


This hotel offers 8 Rooms on 3 floors (no lift)

Please check the website for full details on all rooms before you make your booking. Each room is unique. We will try to

give you the room of your preference, but each will be allocated on a first-come basis, (with preference given to those who are joining the tour/s)










Riad Inaya Fes   

This hotel offers 6 Rooms on 3 floors (no lift) with exceptional views across the medina

For those that love the play of old and new, Riad Inaya offers surprising details in each and every beautiful room.

This riad has been restored with a great sense of joy, which is communicated through the playful colours, textures and fittings, all achieved with exquisite taste and restraint- but a great deal of French flair!

As each of these rooms is priced the same, they will simply be allocated, but feel free to indicate your preference for level - we'll try and accommodate your wish!

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