The Kingdom that stretches from Sea to Sahara

What an endlessly fascinating  country!

My experience in Morocco has evolved from first arriving as a tourist in 1986, to being a student  - when I stayed in Fes to study Moroccan Arabic or 'Darija', followed by 6-months in Fes  (yes, it's probably my favourite city), and many, many weeks of exploring the Sahara.  More recently my small group tours in 2018 and 2019 have been an opportunity to share my love of this country with others.


























It's an interesting bit of synchronicity that here in Sri Lanka, where I'm presently living, I've discovered a community of Moslems who self-identify as 'Maghrebi' -  those coming from North Africa - specifically Morocco.  Apparently congregating in Galle , not far away on the south coast are two graves, which have become shrines, of two Maghrebi traders, said to date from the C.14th.


There's another Moroccan connection - from the C.20th : Paul Bowles, the American author who moved Tangier  (famously, author of  'The Sheltering Sky'), once owned a small island off the south coast of Sri Lanka ... which was later sold to Somerset Maugham's nephew, Robin. 


The more one travels, huh ?  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these travel stories from Morocco, including my latest video on YouTube, 'Yala!'. 

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