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internationally-acclaimed floral artist

10 days/9 nights

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It's not easy to tell you all that this week will hold without sounding a bit over the top!

Bali Botanica offers you an expansive and authentic experience of beautiful East Bali to inspire your imagination, calm your mind, stretch your body and lean into your deepest longing to be a creative painter using the endless beauty of flowers as your inspiration.


You're warmly invited to join our small group as we float from one lovely experience to another, whilst creating two ready-to-hang floral- based paintings that will forever remind you of your adventures in beautiful East Bali.   

The retreat takes place at spacious Villa Nilaya in Mendira, a secluded beachfront village near Candi Dasa.

Our own chef will look after you throughout the retreat, with dining a true highlight of this Balinese experience.

Choose your accommodation from a selection of seafront venues - from cute bungalows to 5-star luxe, it's all in the package.

Whether you’re a newcomer looking for expert and patient guidance to art-making, or an artist seeking to re-ignite your practice with innovative techniques, you’ll love Este MacLeod’s unique methods to get you making art from the moment you arrive!

Yoga is part of our daily ritual to relax the mind and open to visual ideas - to see, in our mind's eye, what it is we dream of doing; it sets the tone internally so that we can open to creativity and the teachings that will be in such abundance this week – not only from Este, but also Angelina, our yoga instructor who meets us each morning for 30 minutes of breathwork, and again at the end of the day for a full 90-minute yoga session to stretch out the day's work. 

Any self-doubt, holding us back from taking those creative leaps has no place in this magic bubble week!

You're here to discover new techniques to generate designs, experiment with new mediums and bring it all together on two canvases with the dedicated and inspirational guidance from Este MacLeod, whose online courses attract 1000's of followers.


This is a luxurious retreat inspired by the extravagant bounty of Bali's botanical beauty reflected in all aspects of Balinese life.

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This is an  all-inclusive tropical painting holiday with art and yoga tuition, fine dining & cultural adventures.


  • STARTS on ARRIVAL (Day1) 1st September. You will be collected from the airport; it's a settling-in day, with no program. 

  • ENDS after breakfast on Sept. 10 (Day 10). We will organise your departure taxi transport.


With 40 hours over 13 art sessions of dedicated tuition time with Este you'll develop next-level skills in design, understanding colour, planning and creating multi-layered works on canvas using  flowers and floral ideas as your inspiration

You will be working on 2 main projects on canvas, as well as sketchbook explorations which form the basis for the development of your designs and colour palette. Expect to surprise yourself!

Este's instruction is detailed and specific - this is the basis of her success as an online arts instructor.

Drawing from Nature, inspired by the rich botany of Bali, you'll then take your sketchbook preparations to the next level by creating from your imagination using Este's clever 'Creative Leap' method. Your two works on canvas will be set up using the drawings you've created.

By way of demonstrating the techniques and mediums, Este will work alongside you on a large 'masterclass' canvas, to share her ways of layering and mixed media painting techniques.

Techniques and processes in detail

  • Drawing with pigment pencils incorporating the ‘Creative Leap’ method.

  • Drawing number-inspired leaves to create stamps, to be used on your canvas..

  • Drawing from Nature on the 'mountain day tour' to inspire paintings’ content and layout.

  • Specialist paint brush techniques explored - you'll have a set to work with.

  • Painting with GOLDEN High Flow to create ink like marks and stamping

  • Painting with GOLDEN  Fluid and medium for colour and layering exploration 

  • Collage with hand-painted deli paper sheets 

  • Two 50 x 50 cm canvasses are to be completed during the retreat.

ALL  ART MATERIALS  ARE PROVIDED - no need to buy or bring anything with you

All of the paints and mediums you use on this retreat are the same that Este uses throughout her work. Value £150 

  • Paints and Mediums

Golden Paints is professional artist quality and  Este is an accredited 'Golden Artist Educator'. You'll mainly be using their versatile and intensely pigmented water-based 'Fluid' and 'High Flow' paints. 

  • Brushes

New brushes will be provided by Este - similar to those she uses in her studio, and if you wish, you may purchase any your set of 4 brushes, at cost, at the end of the retreat 


  •  Sketchbooks and Canvases

You will receive a new sketchbook for the daily design and colour explorations, but feel free to bring a favourite  with you too.


You will work on two quality stretched canvases, each 50 x 50 cm - these works are part of the final night exhibition ...we call it 'floaty dress night' ... it's a cocktail evening celebration of your achievement before we head off to an evening of fine dining, live jazz and tropical cocktails.

  • Anyone wanting do develop their colour sensibilities.

  • novices looking to grow their creative confidence

  • Anyone new to Este's drawing techniques

  • Artists looking to re-ignite their practice with new drawing and design methods

  • Artists interested to learn more about layering, incorporating mixed media processes and explore new paint techniques.

  • and EVERYONE yearning for an explorative painting holiday with great food, yoga, tours, swimming  and cultural experiences in a beautiful, authentic Balinese village


Este Macleod is an acclaimed British artist and designer whose  way of teaching will show you ways to turn the things you notice into expressive, sophisticated artworks on paper using new dynamic painting and mixed media techniques.

Her way of teaching will spark your imagination, get you in a creative flow and show ways to broaden your art practice as anyone who's experienced Este's popular on-line courses will know. 


Este is a free-spirited artist with a background in textile design. She has been teaching on-line art courses since 2015, focusing on processes and concepts to make individuals' creativity blossom. These courses have gained an incredible following, as Este combines carefully-selected materials and techniques and shows different methods to be used for continued exploration. 

"When I teach, I keep guidelines tight and simplify processes, the knowledge gained enables the flourishing of new ideas when applied to individual art practices."

Este is a professional artist and designer. In addition to her paintings sold in galleries in the UK and internationally, her work is used in a variety of products ranging from wallpapers and textiles, homeware, ceramics, puzzles, stationary and book illustrations.

Born in South Africa, Este has been living in the UK since 1999.

Her educational background includes: HND Textile Design, Fine Art Printmaking, BA Hons Ceramics and Glass, MA in Contemporary Jewellery Design.