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YALA! That's 'Let's go' in Arabic - Sahara Dreaming: Part 2

Updated: Feb 20

I have a personal motto ... " I want to do everything once - and if possible, twice".

Dipping my toes into Saharan sands on my Very Personal Camel Trek gave me a week of Saharan Dreaming at a time when it was already too hot to safely contemplate a longer trek.

So now I'm doing this 2nd trip as a reconnaissance in preparation for my next longer walking trek with camels. Inshahallah - 'if God wills it'. That's what Moslems say anytime you mention something that takes place in the future - be it tomorrow, or the next life.

This story will be here on 24 February, 2021.

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Thanks again for reading, and here is PART 1 0f my Saharan Trilogy

A Very Private Camel Trek - Sahara Dreaming: Part 1 revised edition 2021


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