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The Serendipity 

29 November - 7 December  2021

Retreat in Sri Lanka

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It's not easy to tell you all that this week will hold without sounding a bit over the top!

That's because Galle is a world of its own, So full of character and charm, I know you'll fall in love with it as I have since living here. It's the perfect place to come and make art. Brimming with inspiration, evocative streets of old Dutch houses retained with authenticity, as the entire Galle Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Fabulous cuisine abounds, You can sea swim safely, and our retreat is held in its very own garden hotel with lovely wide verandahs,,it's calm, unhurried atmosphere  just for us, so we're in a safe, peaceful bubble.

We'll have adventures beyond the fort, visit Lunuganga, Geoffrey Bawa's stunning country residence, and you'll meet many of my friends in Galle Fort - some count their family history within its wall back seven generations!

Here are a few Galle glimpses from earlier this year ... if you've any queries please don't hesitate to be in touch with me by email or on the chat box here or Whats App.

Este has a fantastic program for you and everything's provided. We're really looking forward to meeting you here on the Teardrop Isle for a blissful Creative Living Retreat - possibly the best thing to happen all year!













This is an  all-inclusive tropical painting holiday with art and yoga tuition, fine dining & cultural adventures.

You will be working on projects in watercolour and water-based media and painted paper collage. Two 3-hr art sessions daily dedicated to explorative projects that will build up to a bigger artwork project - expect to surprise yourself!

All materials are included + you'll receive some of Este's favourite brushes, a travelling palette and other art goodies to keep.

Presented by acclaimed UK artist Este Macleod in collaboration with Anna Kwiecinska, who is currently living in Sri Lanka.


PRE-RETREAT TREAT starts on 27 Nov. and ends in Colombo on 29 Nov. > more


ART RETREATS STARTS on Arrival (Day1) 29 Nov. & ENDS after breakfast on Dec.7 (Day 9), 2021

TRAVELLING TO SRI LANKA : Double vaccinated visitors can enter Sri Lanka without being required to have a PCR test on arrival, provided you have a negative PCR test result within 72 hours of departure from home.  Once arrived, you are free to travel and stay where you wish.  Visa and vaccination requirements  > more

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Not ready to go home yet?

POST-RETREAT Tour of Sri Lanka with Este & Anna

  •  starts after breakfast, 7 December

  •  ends after breakfast , 15 December.

Make your journey into art!

Join Este on Tour for masterclasses and tutorials as we travel. You'll stay in beautiful places with dedicated time to make art. Elephant safari, hill stations train journey, trekking to World's End, fabulous cuisine and Ayurvedic treats.  More >

Meet Este Macleod

Este Macleod is an acclaimed British artist and designer whose  way of teaching will show you ways to turn the things you notice into expressive, sophisticated artworks on paper using new dynamic painting and mixed media techniques.

Her way of teaching will spark your imagination, get you in a creative flow and show ways to broaden your art practice as anyone who's experienced Este's popular on-line courses will know. The same matrials Este uses are provided in this course.

Este will have your imagination sparking from the moment you sign up!  Imagine a week to be pampered  whilst dedicating yourself to art-making on a tropical island described by UK travel writer, John Gimlette as "the most beatiful country I've ever seen". Elephant Complex, 2015.

Meet Este

Your Serendipity Experience Begins in Colombo

Your Sri Lankan experience starts the moment you arrive, with your private taxi bringing you from the airport to the iconic Galle Face Hotel, known for years as the 'smartest hotel east of the Suez Canal'. Your deluxe 'Landmark' room awaits, and I'll be there to meet you - and if you're not too late, let's meet for a welcome drink on the verandah, overlooking the Laccadive Sea? 

Read More.....

Breakfast leisurely before a guided drive through Colombo on our spacious coach, as we travel to the property of one of the 20th  Century's most influential architects (110Km). Known as 'the father of Tropical Modernism' his designing did not stop at buildings -  furniture, textiles and landscaping completed his famous ensembles, and today you'll be treated to a welcome lunch and tour of his private estate. 


Afternoon tea and an art viewing of works by eminent Sri Lankan artists of the late C.20th complete our explorations before we drive the final 74km to Galle Fort with a quiet dinner in our hotel.

Your home for the next seven nights is within the 3km perimeter of the  C.17th Galle Fort.

It's a world away from the bustling Galle town just beyond the ramparts. Your Dutch colonial-style hotel is a our private oasis this week. A courtyard garden filled with frangiapani, shady verandahs, spacious work areas and an atmospheric dining salon, and an elevator for those that want to avoid the stairs (the hotel's 14 rooms are on two levels).


Beyond  the gates, a quaint village atmosphere caught in time, where you can safely wander, discovering cafes, restaurants and gelaterie, emporia of Indian textiles, and dazzling jewellery boutiques showcasing the most precious of the island's many riches - Sri Lankan blue sapphires. The village is friendly, welcoming and I can't wait to introduce you to my friends there!

The island's natural beauty is legendary, but amongst its built environments the Old Galle Fort is really something unique.

Galle Fort  - A UNESCO Heritage Site

At first glance the streets may remind you of an Andalusian village, the French enclave of Pondicherry in South India, or even an ancient medina in Morocco. In fact, Galle is all this and more, for it has featured on seafarers' maps for more than 2000 years, as traders sought its many riches - elephants, pearls, cinnamon and rubies. 


Portugal colonised a fort here from 1505, the Dutch usurped it in 1656, and in 1795 Ceylon became a British colony (until 1948).


Each epoch has left its mark and for an artist, inspiration is everywhere: time-worn surfaces of colonial architecture filled with fascinating objects, lush jungly plants shading and scenting cobbled streets, the diverse dress and food of cultures who’ve lived here for centuries beneath an ever-changing tropical sky ... it's like being inside a novel ... while never far away, the sound of the cerulean sea lapping at the ramparts which have encircled this fort for five centuries.

Did you know that 'Serendipity' is a word that derives from Sri Lanka ? 

British aesthete Horace Walpole coined it in 1754 to describe "the finding of agreeable things not sought for".

He was drawing on the heroes of a Persian fairytale 'The Three Heroes of Serendip' who were 'always making discoveries, by accident or sagacity, of things they were not in quest of'.

Centuries earlier, Arab traders, plying the region for rubies, topazes, sapphires and cinnamon, called the island we now know as Sri Lanka, 'Serendib', and today the OED defines seredipity as 'the occurence ad development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way'

So why not join us for  a week of Serendipity ... happy encounters with history, art and inspiring people?

Read More about Este Macleod...


Este is a free-spirited artist with a background in textile design. She has been teaching on-line art courses since 2015, focusing on processes and concepts to make individuals' creativity blossom. These courses have gained an incredible following, as Este combines carefully-selected materials and techniques and shows different methods to be used for continued exploration. 

"When I teach, I keep guidelines tight and simplify processes, the knowledge gained enables the flourishing of new ideas when applied to individual art practices."

Este is a professional artist and designer. In addition to her paintings sold in galleries in the UK and internationally, her work is used in a variety of products ranging from wallpapers and textiles, homeware, ceramics, puzzles, stationary and book illustrations.

Born in South Africa, Este has been living in the UK since 1999.

Her educational background includes: HND Textile Design, Fine Art Printmaking, BA Hons Ceramics and Glass, MA in Contemporary Jewellery Design.


How did the retreat come about?  ...  and who is Anna?

This Serendipity Art Retreat evolved through my participation with Este's on-line art courses during the first year of Covid, when I found myself stranded here in Sri Lanka. They were something of a life-saver and offered me new approaches to drawing  and design which have created really wonderful avenues to expand my ways of working. I feel kind of empowered with these new resources which offer a freedom within frameworks - and I'm now practising art as I do yoga - most days!   


With our evolving friendship and Sri Lanka returning to life with excellent management and tourism already happening since mid-February 2021, we decided to create this retreat together for those who yearn to travel and paint amongst friends in a beautiful tropical landscapes.

Read More.....


I have been designing and coordinating art and  yoga retreats since 2011 in Bali and now, Sri Lanka is an exciting new option. Of course, safety is always my first concern, so I've been mindful to choose a hotel  which can accommodate our small group  (max. 12 participants) in an exclusive environment where we will be the only guests - and yes!  there's a full refund for covid-related cancellations. About Anna


Este and I really look forward to sharing our passion for art, design, travel and food with you this year! 

You may wish to extend your island experience on your own or follow your art retreat with  our 'More Serendipity Slow Travel Option,  the shape of which is evolving as Sri Lanka opens up and I have the opportubity to personally check the destinations and accommoations before confirming the details, as not all hotels have fared as well as others during these long months of inactivity. 


I can also assist you with transfers and other options should you wish to do your own thing before or after the retreat.  In any case, please don't hesitate to be in touch if you have any queries - there is a live chat line on this site or just use the contact form.


How does the retreat work?

Each day is a little different, and we want to keep it relaxed and relaxing, but Este is super-keen that you get as much out of your retreat as possible, so here's what you can expect (leaving room for serendipity!)

Read More.....


YOGA                                6.30 - 7.45 am  on alternate mornings with UK instructor Hayley

                                           (gentle hatha yoga for all levels of experience, including those trying it for the first time)

                                           On two other mornings there will be guided walks around the fort and breakfasts in lovely locations

BREAKFAST                     7.30 - 8.45   

                                           (lots of choice, including traditional Sri Lankan  breakfasts. Special dietary requests can be catered) for)

ART SESSION                  9.30 -12.30 with morning tea

LUNCH BREAK               12.30- 2.00

ART SESSION                  2.00 - 5.00 with afternoon tea

DINNER                           from 7.00 pm

                                          and sometimes we’ll also have a bonus impromptu art session after dinner plus

  • An afternoon excursion with sunset cocktails and fine dining after dark


  • and of course, there’s time to explore the fort and its labyrinth of alleys historic churches, Buddhist temple, mosque and museums, all within easy  walking distance of your hotel


  • You’ll also have two free evenings with a wealth of options both in the fort and beyond for dining

A Word about Food 

Sri Lankan food is very flavoursome, and reflects the many ethnicities on the island. Sure, an authentic curry can be fiery, but you won't be challenged to that unless you wish ... culinary choices here are diverse, and as mild as you like.

Let Anna know of your special dietary requirements at booking.


What does your Retreat include?

Practically everything!

check it all out here >

  • Airport Taxi collection with name board on arrival at the International Airport

  • Deluxe 'Landmark' category Room in the Galle Face Hotel Colombo Heritage Hotel with breakfast and wifi inclusive

  • A/C bus tour from Colombo  to Galle Fort (day 1)  147 km

  • Day 1 includes bus tour of Colombo with driver and guide

  • Each passenger is assured of a window seat and a spare seat next to them for social distancing (if your partner comes along they will be sitting next to you)

  •  ‘Welcome Lunch’ is a private dining experience in a gorgeous tropical garden setting in an iconic private estate (not a set menu – plenty to choose from including Western and Sri Lankan dishes, with a delicious selection of fresh seafood)

  • Private guided walking tour of the seductive country retreat created by Geoffery Bawa, father of  the international architectural movement known today as ‘Tropical Modernism'

  • Afternoon tea  with Art   Get too know the works of  Sri Lanka’s most influential  late 20th century artists 

  • Deluxe Accommodation for 7 nights in Galle Fort, at a peaceful  and spacious Dutch heritage-inspired garden property, reserved for our group's exclusive  use throughout the entire retreat week.

  • There are 2 categories of rooms :

  • DELUXE (10 identical A/C rooms) –  QS bed, balcony garden view with ‘sit out’ recliner facing into the frangiapani courtyard

  • PREMIUM (2 extra spacious, identical  A/C rooms) -  TWO QS beds, balcony view with ‘sit out’ onto garden and Church Street.

  • The HOTEL HAS AN ELEVATOR  (this is very rare in Galle Fort - possibly unique!)

  • Your hotel is private, spacious, off the busiest streets and centre of town, yet within a five minutes’ walk of  two museums,  the  two main churches and the white sand (swimmable ) beach.

  • 30 Hours of Art Tuition with Este Macleod - 10 x 3 hr  sessions - at our hotel, plus impromptu evening sessions with Este

  • All Art Materials  that you will need to do this course  (concentrating on watercolours on paper - these are the same professional  materials that Este uses in her work and online teaching, but feel free to bring your favourites brushes or drawing equipment too - more details in pre-retreat information 

  • Yoga with Hayley (from the UK),  on alternate mornings (3) – gentle stretchy yoga suitable for experienced yogis as well as those looking forward to trying yoga for the first time.

  • Two walking tours of the Galle Fort with a fort storyteller

  • Breakfasts 8

  • Lunches - 6 - provided during the retreat - a selection of working lunches at our hotel for those that don't want to stop painting,  and delicious light lunches at safe and pretty venues within the fort

  • Morning and afternoon teas each day

  • Dinners - 4 – two fine dining experiences in the fort plus a couple of adventures beyond the ramparts:

  • On one evening we’ll set off  to a dreamy destination for sunset cocktails and dinner at a stunning mountain retreat

  • And we’ll dine at an elegant seaside location in one of Sri Lanka's most iconic settings

  • Entry to the Galle Maritime Museum … an excellent place to spend some hours getting to know about the two millennia of seafaring history  that Galle has been an essential part of - not to be missed!



We have just 12 places for fully participating artists. Non-participating partners and friends are welcome to join us as ASSOCIATES  and participate in all of our activities and meals except yoga, art and our working lunches.

There's a wealth of activities that partners can avail themselves of for the hours of the retreat. This is an exceedingly rich area, and there's no shortage of possibilities. I'm happy to offer any ideas if you care  to share specific areas of interest with me, and I can arrange transport  with trusted providers if you need any assistance in planning your days.

In Galle, all rooms are Deluxe, with a QS bed or twin singles, and the super-sized Suites features 2 QS beds (only 2 suites)     

Single  - 1 Participant, own double room

£2350 no sharing

Twin    - 2 Participants

£1775 per person 

Twin    - 1 Participant + 1 Associate

£2795 total for 2

Suite    - 2 Participants

£2050 per person

Suite    - 1 Participant +1 Associate

£3250 total for 2 

Booking your Place


Your place is secured with a deposit of £250 per person. Full payment is not required until 25 October.

*We have only 2 Premium Deluxe Suites, and as of 25 September, one is still available.

This retreat is not designed with children in mind. Please read the retreat terms and conditions 

Hidden Gems.png

Stay in the travel bubble with us and join Este and me on this tour into Sri Lanka's historical heartlands.

Bring your new ways of looking on tour, keep a visual diary, plan a canvas, have fun!

Este will hold occasional masterclasses and has generously offered informal tutorial time for us to create projects based around what we are experiencing on the tour.


These specific periods have been set aside for extended art-making with Este, and of course your sketch book will be a constant companion!:


  • The entire afternoon in Nuwarya Eliya on Day 3, after our morning trek on Horton Plains 

  • The morning, as we explore the Peradinya Botanic Gardens in Kandy, Day 5

  • The evening in Dambulla Day 6, after discovering Sigiriya and Ritigala - when we can take as our inspiration the ethereal maidens - known as  apsaras - who famously appear painted in frescoes on the rock walls of the fortress rock (as seen in the image above).


We are away for 8 nights and the tour is only open to participants from the Serendipity Art Retreat. 

This is a professionally guided tour inour deluxe bus, all-inclusive of accommodation, all breakfasts and 7 lunches, 7 dinners, all activities, museum and monument entrances and your spectacular train journey through the Hill Stations,

Your accommodation is chosen for its comfort, heritage value, service, cuisine and unique qualities that set it apart, and includes glamping in a wilderness area, Kandy's premier lakeside heritage hotel, 3 nights of luxurious accommodation in your private balconied suite overlooking the breath-taking wilderness landscape in Dambulla. 

Unable to join us this year? Este and I have art +yoga retreats planned for BALI in 2022 >

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